tyler creator 2016

A Tyler, The Creator parece no importarle la censura sufrida en los últimos meses en países como Reino Unido o Australia, la cual le supuso cancelar gran parte de sus conciertos programados. Son sus letras el problema, según dicen. El rapero no se achanta y sigue en su línea con su nuevo tema, «FUCK IT«, una auténtica bomba de relojería a punto de estallar.

Contundencia y producción perfecta. Esas son las premisas de la canción, apenas dos minutos y medio de puro rap.

Y ahí va la letra:

i seen alot of niggas
so when them niggas start talking reckless i get offended
i get it, they try to keep a image
but look a little closer at the picture and you’ll that theyre chameleons
how you doin
you in the muthafucking building?
nigga im an architect,
got another crane and i dont know if ima park it yet
you aint even start one yet, fuck off my property
tell australia im sneaking in with a mic in my damn hand
instead of the vegetables that i packed in my backpack
when marshall had this problem what the fuck was they telling him?
is it cause of status or his melanin lacks black
i think people love to be mad
how can i be misogenist love titties and ass
how can i be homophobic when my boyfriends a fag
and we been hiding in the closet like our passion is fashion
still tryna come out
couldnt deal with niggas who decide to take the fun out
prolly cause i like to in places where the suns out
so comparing niggas lights is a muthafucking bum out
thought u niggas nudist, but yall clothes
i was bout to tee off and put put till the end
now its anti golf boys cause i dont fuck my friends
worse thing they gave me was an opportunity and a pen
freedom of speech? my freedom was breached
border patrol put me on streets immediately
for shit i said when i was a virgin, repeatedly
posting on hypebeast cause nobody would listen me
my child is product of me, very honest
left of center, very different, they didnt want us
they didnt get us, didnt fit enough for their standards
diverse and loud, so they ignore us
you put your life in a child that everybody hates
now everybody hates papa despite that papas great
but thats your favorite child boy thats your favorite one
kids? nope, im talking bout that cherry bomb
i dont think they hear it
i was fearing deteriorating
almost ate my spirit
til the children cheered along
watching them sing the songs
eyeballs inspired
from pilot to 2seater
i couldnt steer them wrong
thats why i copped the mclaren, i couldnt stop at the bimmer
«tyler loosing himself that nigga turned to a diva
nigga preaching and smiling, nigga wilden and breathing
tryna inspire all the little niggas thatwanna be him
but fuck that! we want:
cats cats daddy problems kickflip fuck fuck, cupcakes buttrape
golf wang, daddy problems fag fag dad dad bike lake everything that i hate ,plus being sad»
yall can cry about your years top rap new albums
golf did a quarter million in about two hours
money money aint the motive, but it is up for discussion
niggas frontin niggas wish that they could fuck with my production
saying you the plug, get yo chords up
i was writing string sections on my tour bus
they adore me, my little birds
be free flap your wings i encourage it
i wish i had fucking xanex problem so yall talk about how i deep i am
man child in the flesh bitch im peter pan
you captain teir hook muthafuckas wont ever be the man
i got a muthafucking vision i dont need your plans
so shut your muthafucking mouth when i be speaking man
T the only sober nigga that be tweeking fam