This week we travel from Chile, where we talked you about The Red Belmont, to Germany.

What you can find on Germany? Well, apart from Berlin and a lot of cars if you take a walk (a really long one) you can get to Hamburg. One of the best things you can find there is Sick Hyenas, our new Band Of The Week.

With a new self titled LP they are hitting all the european music escene, probably worldwide!
Published by Moody Monkey Records in May and with a garage rock crazy delicious psych they bring to us memories of a «pre-Underneath the rainbow» Black Lips. Songs like «Oh Mother» and «Surf n’ Blood» may convince you. An album full of great songs such as «Hoe» and «Weather Of Death» which you can go crazy with.

Just when you start getting tired of garage and you dive in other styles Sick Hyenas arrive and destroy all that dark side thoughts. «Influence of a lot of genres», the recipe of success.

Beacuse of this we decided to talk with them in order to tell everyone their history and future projects.

Here it comes, this is Sick Hyenas!

1.– Hi guys, with who am I talking?

A: Hi my name is Velvet, nice to meet you.


2.- Who and what is Sick Hyenas?

A: Sick Hyenas is a three piece psych tarantino western influenced garage band from Hamburg. Eddie on drums, Thore on guitar and vocals and Me on guitar and vocals as well.

3.- How are you dealing with being listened worldwide?

A: It’s crazy, seeing all the traffic on our social pages from people all around the world. Sharing and writing about our music. People know about us in places we’ve never heard of. Hope to meet all these peoples somehow in the future.

4.- Tell us how you were born (as a band)

A: We three started playing music together a while ago. We had a four piece band before and after it broke up Sick Hyenas rose from the ashes. We didnt had any idea of how the band should be. We just started writing songs and so Sick Hyenas came up. And it turned out really cool.

5.- What bands were the strongest influence at composing music and letters?

A: When we wrote our first songs, we listened to a lot of Cramps and Gun Club songs. They definitely influenced us in the first place. For the lyrics a stronge influence might be Charles Bukowski. One of our first songs is called «Bukowski» and we used one of his poems for the vocal part (spoken bye the man himself).

6.- And the most listened bands nowadays?

On our Tour in September this year, we all fell in love with La Luz from Seattle. Just saw them live a month ago. They are awesome.

7.- In Madrid we are living a growing underground scene. Do you know any spanish band? (If not take a look to The Parrots)

A: No never heard of The Parrots. I’ll have a listen on them.

8.- Do you have in Hamburg a similar scene?

A: One or two  years ago I would have said NO, but now I say its getting bigger and better. More and more bands popping up and a lot of international bands are playing here… Guys like Jens from Wild Wax Shows are doing a great job in booking all those bands from the US (mostly) and putting them together with local bands. This is how we started 🙂 haha

9.- I saw in some photos that you wear a kind of Mexican Ponchos. What can you tell us about that? Is there a story behind?

A: Yes, these are original ponchos from Mosambik. Eddie bought them this year and we thought it would look funny while being on stage. Now its more like a ritual wearing these ponchos. We get lost in the music and have the feeling of a spiritual ceremony. Even a lot of people like them cause we are looking like shamans or ghosts. And they are also very comfortable to wear on stage.. Hehe

10.- The three weirdest things you’ve ever lived in concerts

A: The weirdest thing ever is, no matter where we are playing, there is always one guy going totally nuts to our music. Front row, totally lost in music with wide-open eyes.

11.- We can’t see you live for the moment, is it as crazy as your music?

A: Yes, it is.

12.- Why Sick Hyenas?

A: I like Hyenas. They are sick by nature. Mean, wild and totally crazy in mind. The freaks among the lions.

13.-Do you have something planned for a near future that can be told?

A: Currently we are writing some new songs for a new EP. And we have a 7″ Single in the pipeline coming out in December or January on Six Tonnes De Chair Records.

And we hope to be back on the road in 2015. We are currently planning some shows in the UK and Netherlands for March and we hope to play in Spain and Italy next year, if possible. So spanish bookers, hook us up for some shows 🙂

Thank you for the interview andwe hope to meet you soon.

Your Hyenas.


Well, this is the nearest you will get to them for the rest of the year. We hope to hear more from them in a future.

Maybe we will get to see them in Madrid next year.

Cheers from Madrid, pleasure from Hamburg.

By Íñigo Aineto